Love is in the air with Lana Del Ray’s new single


Lana knows how to make us go crazy—crazy for her music. Her new song Love takes listeners on a trip down memory lane, as she effortlessly serenades us with reflections back to the simpler times of being a young and carefree teenager. It seems as though Lana has taken a different perspective in Love, as opposed to her typical “live fast, die young” vibe.  In this single she breaks things down with a more mature sense of the world and of love.

As always, Lana’s voice is definitely the dominant sound on the record, but the soft and subtle instrumentation gives the song that nostalgic feel that permeates deep into your soul. Lana’s ability to mix the old with the new brings us through the decades in a matter of minutes.  It’s as if your sitting on a bench with your sweetheart in the 50’s and then in a blink of an eye you’re in 2017 sitting at your desk listening to music.  The video for Love adds to this mixture of the past, present and future and keeps us locked into a dreamy Lana state.

In her ode to young love, Lana has given us four minutes of tranquility in this ridiculous world we’re living in right now. Keep ‘em coming Lana because we are more than ready!


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