Look out! This wave is sure to catch you by surprise.

Dirty Hit’s new band, Pale Waves is coming in strong debuting their new single There’s a Honey.  With the undeniable 80’s pop feel to the song, in addition to Matty Healy and George Daniel’s style of production, you’re sure to be singing along the first time you hear There’s a Honey.  The groovy guitar riffs, catchy chorus and iconic drumming brings back memories of when MTV actually aired music. The look of the indie-pop band may be on the edgier side, but their sound is without a doubt delving into the pop world of music.  Keep these four musicians on your radar because Pales Waves is here to stay and make their mark on the industry.

Embarking on a tour with label mates, King Nun and Superfood, you can find Pale Waves on the dates below.

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Turning the tables on heartbreak.




Blaise Moore, a young, Toronto native just re-released an EP under Interscope Records, boldly named after her ex, Laurence. The 21-year old lays out the gritty details of a relationship gone bad in just seven tracks.  Originally released as London EP, the record started and ended with songs titled after the airport codes for London (LGW) and Toronto (YYZ), drawing on an emotional experience that led to heartbreak.  Valentine’s marked the day the Laurence EP dropped, loaded with expressive lyrics and sensual sounds that will get you in an easy-going groove.

Moore’s haunting vocals in London left us wanting more, which she delivered in Laurence with two new songs, Fuck It and Stutter.  The record has a smooth and relaxing vibe, but as you listen to the soulful lyrics you can tell that Moore wrote honest, feel-good revenge ballads without regret.  She’s got an urban R&B sound, with seductive rhythms and provocative lyrics.  The Laurence EP gives off a feel of Lana Del Ray mixed with a bit of a hip-hop, Queen Bey-esque sound in the latest two tracks.  With an EP full of those angry 3 am thoughts every girl has had, Blaise Moore is on a path to success with her authentic, and daringly risqué words turned into art.  Keep your eyes out for Moore, as this is just the start of her career as young musician empowering women to speak their minds.

You can catch Blaise Moore as the supporting act for The Japanese House on select US dates.

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Welcome to The Music Bean

You guessed it- another blog about music.

While I’m not an expert reviewer or anything, I do love music (like most humans of the world) and I’ve decided to join the realm of blogging and tell you what I think about up and coming bands, established musicians, live shows and more. Stay tuned for what I hope will be a fun experience and another excuse to procrastinate my responsibilities as a student.