alt-J: A five minute ride titled 3WW



Within seconds of the new single, the bass sets in and alt-J fans are sure to fall faint at heart to that familiar humming. It’s been quite a while since alt-J has released new music and to listeners’ satisfaction 3WW is just a precursor to their new album Relaxer, which will be released on June 9th.

This track while harmonious with their past records, has a different quality to it. There is more of an acoustic and raw feeling between the instrumentation and the vocals, giving the song an essence of tribal music with the beating of the bass drum and plucking of guitar strings.  While romantic and somewhat erotic at the same time, the lyrics left me confused after the first listen, but my first instinct with any alt-J song is always “what the heck did they just say?”  Their incredible ability to mesh together so many sounds, elements and mysterious lyrics is mind-boggling and addictive.

In this track, we get both vocals from Gus Unger-Hamilton and Joe Newman, but we’re also graced by the appearance of Ellie Rowsell of Wolf Alice. Her voice combined with Newman’s made me feel like I was sitting on a floating cloud while looking up at a star filled sky, followed by the quiet trickle and splashing of water that brought me back down to earth to continue relaxing for the remaining 40 seconds of the song.  In my opinion, the best way to really listen to this track is to close your eyes and let 3WW take you on its purposeful journey.  I couldn’t imagine a better title for their new album, because this single immediately put me into a serene state.  The odds are looking high for yet another amazing album from alt-J.  All we have to do now is wait.


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The Japanese House – Live



Globe Hall- Denver, CO
March 1, 2017

This time around The Japanese House has the spotlight all to herself, stepping out of the shadow of her fellow label mates and mentors, The 1975. Singer-songwriter Amber Bain, small in stature and a seemingly timid personality, sure knows captivate a room with her music.  Between Bain’s layered harmonies, the synthesizer and the effortless chords coming from her ice blue guitar, the crowd was inevitably swaying side to side or bobbing their heads along with the beat, myself included.  The Japanese House started and ended with two of her staple songs Clean and Still from past EPs, with old and new mixed in between.  Bain’s talent definitely makes up for the low budget set up, and once they started playing I hardly even paid attention to the eye-watering smoke machine that continuously filled the room. Bain and her band mates got into their groove right off the bat and it felt like everyone was just hanging out and enjoying a chill evening.  The fans all sung along, carrying Bain even when she slipped up on her lyrics—which she recovered quickly from—followed by an easy-going laugh.  She seemed very much in her element and the audience was loving it.

Her new EP Swim Against the Tide is such a complement to her sound and the crowd was excited to revel in what she had to offer on her headlining tour.  Even with all the technicalities within her indie/electronic pop songs, Bain seamlessly replicates her recorded sound into her live performances.  There is an undeniably dreamy quality about her voice and her mysterious lyrics keep you on your toes (dancing of course).  Face Like Thunder was a fan favorite here in Denver, but really you can’t go wrong with any of The Japanese House songs.  Amber Bain is paving a nice path for herself with her unique sound and attention to musical detail.  She has so much potential and I personally cannot wait to see what she will put out in the future.


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Love is in the air with Lana Del Ray’s new single


Lana knows how to make us go crazy—crazy for her music. Her new song Love takes listeners on a trip down memory lane, as she effortlessly serenades us with reflections back to the simpler times of being a young and carefree teenager. It seems as though Lana has taken a different perspective in Love, as opposed to her typical “live fast, die young” vibe.  In this single she breaks things down with a more mature sense of the world and of love.

As always, Lana’s voice is definitely the dominant sound on the record, but the soft and subtle instrumentation gives the song that nostalgic feel that permeates deep into your soul. Lana’s ability to mix the old with the new brings us through the decades in a matter of minutes.  It’s as if your sitting on a bench with your sweetheart in the 50’s and then in a blink of an eye you’re in 2017 sitting at your desk listening to music.  The video for Love adds to this mixture of the past, present and future and keeps us locked into a dreamy Lana state.

In her ode to young love, Lana has given us four minutes of tranquility in this ridiculous world we’re living in right now. Keep ‘em coming Lana because we are more than ready!


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Hottest Record in the World- The 1975’s Cover for Charity- Sade’s By Your Side


No disappointments here. The Brit Awards nominated band has delivered pure gold for our ears once again. Released today on BBC’s Radio 1, the By Your Side cover has got me feelin’ some type of way.

The 1975 had big shoes to fill as Sade is considered one of the most influential British musicians. But as it seems, the boys can do no wrong—fans are already unleashing their love for the song all over Twitter.

Although the auto-tune was a bit surprising, by the end of the song I completely understood that the cover wouldn’t have been as wonderful without it. The details of each synth sound and sax interlude clearly makes this a cover by The 1975.  While it might not seem as cohesive with their normal sound (if you can even say that they have a normal sound at all) it works so unbelievably well.  Could this be a hint towards what their next album or EP will be like?  Only time will tell, and in the meantime, you’ll find me listening to By Your Side on repeat for weeks. Cheers to the boys for another success.


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Look out! This wave is sure to catch you by surprise.

Dirty Hit’s new band, Pale Waves is coming in strong debuting their new single There’s a Honey.  With the undeniable 80’s pop feel to the song, in addition to Matty Healy and George Daniel’s style of production, you’re sure to be singing along the first time you hear There’s a Honey.  The groovy guitar riffs, catchy chorus and iconic drumming brings back memories of when MTV actually aired music. The look of the indie-pop band may be on the edgier side, but their sound is without a doubt delving into the pop world of music.  Keep these four musicians on your radar because Pales Waves is here to stay and make their mark on the industry.

Embarking on a tour with label mates, King Nun and Superfood, you can find Pale Waves on the dates below.

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Turning the tables on heartbreak.




Blaise Moore, a young, Toronto native just re-released an EP under Interscope Records, boldly named after her ex, Laurence. The 21-year old lays out the gritty details of a relationship gone bad in just seven tracks.  Originally released as London EP, the record started and ended with songs titled after the airport codes for London (LGW) and Toronto (YYZ), drawing on an emotional experience that led to heartbreak.  Valentine’s marked the day the Laurence EP dropped, loaded with expressive lyrics and sensual sounds that will get you in an easy-going groove.

Moore’s haunting vocals in London left us wanting more, which she delivered in Laurence with two new songs, Fuck It and Stutter.  The record has a smooth and relaxing vibe, but as you listen to the soulful lyrics you can tell that Moore wrote honest, feel-good revenge ballads without regret.  She’s got an urban R&B sound, with seductive rhythms and provocative lyrics.  The Laurence EP gives off a feel of Lana Del Ray mixed with a bit of a hip-hop, Queen Bey-esque sound in the latest two tracks.  With an EP full of those angry 3 am thoughts every girl has had, Blaise Moore is on a path to success with her authentic, and daringly risqué words turned into art.  Keep your eyes out for Moore, as this is just the start of her career as young musician empowering women to speak their minds.

You can catch Blaise Moore as the supporting act for The Japanese House on select US dates.

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Welcome to The Music Bean

You guessed it- another blog about music.

While I’m not an expert reviewer or anything, I do love music (like most humans of the world) and I’ve decided to join the realm of blogging and tell you what I think about up and coming bands, established musicians, live shows and more. Stay tuned for what I hope will be a fun experience and another excuse to procrastinate my responsibilities as a student.