McKenna Howard.

I’m just your average 22 year old, trying to figure where to go or what to do next in life. Maybe starting a blog about music is the most cliche thing I could have done, but I’m sure as hell going to embrace it.

I took a travel writing class last semester and while I love traveling, I found myself writing about my experiences with music in my assignments.  So here’s an excerpt from one of my pieces, which sparked the idea to write about music.  It might give you a peak inside my brain, or you’ll still be rolling your eyes at the idea of another millennial putting their irrelevant thoughts online.

Anyways, enjoy.


I have come to realize that music and travel go hand in hand.  Whether it’s the music you choose to listen to during a long road trip, what you hear when you’re walking around the streets of an unfamiliar city, or the music you engage in yourself after indulging in a few too many drinks.  Music connects people no matter the color of their skin, the language they speak, where they come from or where they go.

. . .

Music is an automatic connection anywhere you go, it doesn’t only have to be when you leave your country or comfort zone, it speaks to everyone everywhere.  For me, the past year of traveling abroad has strengthened my already strong relationship with music.  I listened to the accordion being played around the corner from my apartment, I went to karaoke night at a local bar in Perugia, I walked past people playing their instruments in the underground metro tunnels in Paris, I listened to bagpipes being played outside the doors of a church in Edinburgh, I saw my favorite band perform just a few feet in front of me in London and I stood watching a magnificent street musician strum and tap his guitar like it was the last thing he could do on earth.  Each of these experiences cleared my vision and my head and they further solidified my love for music.  They gave me memories to keep of each place I visited.  The music all around me has kept me grounded even while traveling.  And because of this, I will forever have a connection to these foreign cities I had once only dreamt about.